The Baker

That artisan bread roll you’re having for lunch? How fresh do you think it really is?

The Food Standards Agency’s most unfortunate inspector, Emily Underwood, is finally doing okay at work. Apart from finding the odd dead customer in a kebab shop that is. When she has an expected brush with a Bishop, things start to go downhill fast.

Rupert Graves is the leader of the smallest cult in East Anglia. Although his motley crew’s primary focus is sex and drugs, they’re also determined to highlight the suffering of animals — by fair means or fowl. They’re just not very good at it.

Amateur baker Hannah’s attempts to fund her boyfriend’s cult by selling her produce start off well, and her artisan bread rolls made from organic flour are soon in demand. The only problem is that Hannah’s kitchen will need to pass a Food Standards Agency inspection or be closed down. And there’s something rather nasty in the flour…

The sequel to The Butcher, and Book Two in the Rub-a-Dub-Dub series, this dark comedy set in rural Norfolk will change the way you look at your toaster forever…!

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The first book in the Rub-a-Dub-Dub series is The Butcher, and the last book in the series is The Candlestick Maker which is now available, as is the e-Box set containing all three books in one delicious series!

If you’ve not yet read the first in the series – Three Maids in a Tub – you can download it for free using the form in the top-right corner!


I loved The Butcher, and this follows on beautifully. Again it’s an easy, relaxing read populated by wonderful characters that just come alive off the page.

★★★★★ Reviewer

This unusual story gripped me from the start! Hilariously tragic is perhaps the best description!

★★★★★ Reviewer

I really enjoyed the British humor, the crazy characters, the twists of story that made me laugh. A very fun read.