The Baker

They thought it was organic bread. It wasn’t.

Food Standards Agency’s most unfortunate inspector, Emily Underwood, is finally doing okay at work. Apart from finding the odd dead customer in a kebab shop that is. When she has an expected brush with a Bishop, things start to go downhill fast.

Rupert Graves is the leader of the smallest cult in East Anglia. Although his motley crew of militant vegetarians are primarily focused on sex and drugs, they’re also determined to highlight the suffering of animals — by fair means or fowl. They’re just not very good at it.

Amateur baker Hannah’s attempts to fund her boyfriend’s cult by selling her produce start off well, and her artisan bread rolls made from organic flour are soon in demand. The only problem is that Hannah’s kitchen in Hill Top Farm will need to pass a Food Standards Agency inspection or be closed down.

What will happen when Emily returns to Hill Top Farm? Will Hannah’s kitchen pass the food inspection? Or can Emily discover what’s really in the flour?

The sequel to The Butcher, and Book 2 in the British Rub-a-Dub-Dub trilogy, this dark comedy about flour power will make you think twice about having a bacon sandwich ever again.

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UK Kindle Reviewer

Richly comic characters abound in brilliant, scatter gun satire. Sly, darker than dark humour makes for plenty of laugh out loud scenes from start to finish.

★★★★★ Reviewer

I love Burrow’s slightly dark, tongue-in-cheek humour (no one does it like the Brits!). As with The Butcher, I found myself smirking and chuckling and just generally having a good time. I was happy to meet Emily and Andy and some of the more minor characters again, and see what fate had in store for them this time around. The shenanigans did not disappoint!

★★★★★ Reviewer

Strange, Bizarre, Hilarious! New meaning to the word “Organic”. The Baker is a great sequel to The Butcher.