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The Butcher is available as an audiobook, and also as a podcast – it’s a bit of an experiment to test the water.

I’ve teamed up with Awesound to make the unabridged audiobook available directly from me at a reduced price, or it’s available at all the usual audiobook stores (if it’s not in your favourite store, please let me know). To view the book on Awesound and purchase it directly, click the button below.

View AudioBook on Awesound

If you’d rather not buy the full audiobook, then you can download each episode and listen to the whole book for free. Links to each episode are at the bottom of the page as they become available. I really don’t mind either way – I just want you to enjoy the book. You can subscribe in your favourite podcast app – it’s available in the main podcast directories such as iTunes and Stitcher, and if you can’t find it in your favourite directory, just let me know.

If you do enjoy it, perhaps you could think about leaving a review? It would mean a lot…!

Available Episodes