‘Two Kinds of Truth’ – Michael Connolly

If the truth doesn’t get him – the lies will.

Two Kinds of Truth is the 20th in the Bosch series by the mega-bestselling author Michael Connolly. If you’ve never read a Bosch book, you must have been living under a stone. I would strongly suggest you start reading them! When you’re done, go back and read his other books. You’re in for a real treat.

In his latest outing, Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch is working cold cases at a small police department in Los Angeles. Harry Bosch is getting on a bit – he’s now in his mid-sixties – but he’s still as active as he ever was. A double murder in a pharmacy sees Bosch embroiled in a complex drugs ring. Harry gets involved because one of the victims was trying to do the right thing, and Bosch couldn’t let that drop. At the same time, Bosch is being accused of tampering with evidence at a decades old crime scene, and recruits his half-brother, Mickey Haller, to help out.

There’s essentially two strands to this book – one is the murder of the pharmacists, the other Bosch’s fight to clear his name and prevent a killer from being released. Part crime thriller, part legal thriller, part police procedural – Michael Connolly weaves these genres throughout the book effortlessly.

In terms of actually reviewing the book, there’s not a massive amount left to say – it’s fantastic. My only concern is the main character’s age – Bosch can’t have a great deal left in him – and when he does retire properly (or worse!), it’ll be a sad day indeed.

Michael Connolly is one of the most accomplished crime writers in the field. Opening a new Bosch book is like meeting up again with an old friend. You know you’re going to enjoy his company and have a great time catching up with him and what he’s been up to. I’m not going to say any more – just read the book!

I’m a massive fan of Mr Connolly in case you couldn’t tell!

You can find out more about Michael Connolly at his website, his author page on Amazon, or via Twitter.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. It’s a Harry Bosch book. 5 stars.

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