‘Into The Water’ – Paula Hawkins

Into The Water - front coverSo, who hasn’t read The Girl on the Train? Pretty sure that if you’re reading a book review, by a writer, that you probably have. What a great book, and what a success! The epitome of an unreliable narrator that spawned a whole host of books starting off with a hungover protagonist.

This is the follow up to The Girl on the Train. According to the cover, it’s ‘The Thriller of the Year’. Flip to the back cover and there are complimentary quotes from Clare Mackintosh and Shari Lapena, both well-known authors in their own right, but not really household names (Sorry Clare and Shari – no offence!). Plus a quote from ‘Stylist’. Sorry, who? I had to google it to make sure it wasn’t a hairdresser. It’s not – it’s a magazine style website aimed at women. Hmm. Not the heavy hitting endorsements that I would have expected.

Anyway, on to the book. The story is centered around a woman – Nel – who is dead. This is back cover stuff, so that’s not a spoiler. Her sister – Jules – is now responsible for her sister’s daughter. But Nel never would have jumped, and Jules is now scared of pretty much everything.

Let me get one thing out there straight away. I almost put this book down, never to be picked up again, at about page 100. The book is written from the perspective of a variety of different characters from different times. The seventeenth century, 1993, and the present day. The vast majority in first person. It didn’t take long at all for me to get very confused about whose head I was in, what time I was in, and what the hell was going on! It’s intricately plotted, but the intricacies were too confusing for me. Reading it over a period of time may not have helped, as opposed to sitting down and reading vast chunks in one go, but at the end of the day I’m a simple bloke from Norfolk. I got lost very quickly.

I did push through and finish the book, and it was a good read in the end. It’s not The Girl on the Train though. The cynic in me wonders if it was pushed out to piggy-back on the success of that book. I bought Into The Water because I read – and enjoyed – The Girl on the Train.

I’m not going to score this book – but that’s not a zero star rating. The underling storyline is well plotted, intricate, and well put together. The way in which it’s told though is just too complicated for me. So, I’ll just let you read it and decide for yourselves!