Blind Justice

Gareth Dawson is innocent. His main problem is that the British justice system doesn’t agree with him.

3D version of 'Blind Justice'Blind Justice is a British legal thriller based in East Anglia in the United Kingdom. It tells the tale of a man who has been imprisoned for murder. He knows he’s innocent, but the British justice system disagrees with him. In jail, while considering everything he has lost – his dignity, his freedom, his wife – he’s approached by a flamboyant lawyer who thinks he can prove his innocence.

Inspired by authors like John Grisham and Michael Connolly, this is a tale of love, hate, revenge, and absolution. It’s available on or now.

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Praise for Blind Justice

“Blind Justice is an intriguing crime drama that features well-written and expressed emotions. If you enjoy BBC crime dramas or Law and Order, this is the book for you.” – Entrada Publishing

“An exciting legal thriller with an excellent little twist at the end.” –

“Well-written and full of suspense, Burrows presents a likeable main character that a lot of us can relate to. You’ll be turning the pages to see how it all plays out!” – Dwayne, Reviewer

“This book gives you a rogue, who changes his ways for a woman, only to be accused of a heinous crime and locked away for life! Plenty of twists and turns which keep you guessing. Family and the truth are upmost. I would love to read some more books by this author.” – Cath, Reviewer

“I will certainly recommend this book to all my friends. John Grisham will have to watch out as I think Nathan is a better story teller.” – Mark, Goodreads Reviewer


Blind Justice